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24/7. You ring, we bring concrete. 1 yd - 10 yds per load. Patios, Retaining Walls, Pools, Steps, Paving, Walkways, Roadways, Anything.

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Concrete on Demand's mixer trucks mix on site so you don't have the waste or the time sensitivity that you do with barrel trucks.

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COD’s mobile concrete plants deliver UHCP (ultra-high performance concrete), which is now used on the most demanding infrastructure including bridges and roads, creative architecture, and cost-effective public/private buildings. UHPC delivers superior strength and resistance to compression and flex with improved longevity, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Bridges, tunnels, and roads

Strength and durability make UHPC the ideal solution due in part to its resistance to freeze & thaw as well as impact or abrasion. High-ductility provides superior resistance to joint flex from heavy truck traffic increasing structural stability. This is a lighter option than steel allowing for thinner, longer spans. Portland cement, supplementary cementitious materials, reactive powders, limestone &/or quartz flour, fine sand, high-range water reducers, and water are the building blocks of this remarkable product. The American Society for Testing and Materials has established the ASTM C1856/1856M Standard Practice for fabricating and testing specimens of UHPC that rely on current ASTM test methods with modifications to comply with the rigid standards. When combined with metal, synthetic, or organic fibers it can achieve flexural strengths up to 7,000 psi (48-MPa) or greater. With your specifications, we can set up the formulation ahead of time and mix your exact requirements on the spot, for the utmost efficiency.

Rapid Set Cement (CSA)

COD's Mobile Concrete Plants are uniquely designed so we are the cost-effective solution to working with Rapid Set Cement, also known as CSA (calcium sulfoaluminate cement). We are able to deliver exact proportions of the raw materials used to manufacture CSA yielding the highest performance, durable and long-lasting materials available.

Features of our Rapid Set CSA

Low shrink – ensure virtually no cracks
Ready to drive on or build on in 1 hour
Reach final strength in 1 day
Low drying shrinkage (70% less than ready-mix)
Chemical Resistant
ZERO Reaction to alkali-silica reaction (ASR)
Extended lifetime – up to 80 years before needing replacement
When you can’t stop a job and wait for regular cement to dry COD have your back.

Buildings, Stairs, Streets, Sidewalks, Bridge deck overlays, Runways, Footings



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